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Commissioned Paintings are unique. They are created…working with the individual or corporate client to capture a scene of special significance, they are the kind of things that are passed down through generations or a valuable document of company history.

I have produced commissioned paintings to recognize a wide variety of occasions – as retirement gifts for company employees, as gifts to a family member, or just for individuals that want to have a painting of a special place or a memory of something special in their life.

As you will determine the subject of the picture, what you are commissioning is essentially my style of painting. You may want a depiction of a particular personality or scene from your vacation or your house - the choice is entirely yours.

I also can make arrangements to have copies or multiples made onto canvas of your paintings if you desire.

The fee for a commission is determined by the size and complexity of the painting and as the details of every picture vary so much it is impossible to offer a "standard price list". Therefore, I will be happy to provide you with a quotation after we have discussed the painting in some detail.

Remember, if you are interested, it costs nothing to talk so please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal, no-obligation chat.


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